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Current projects

Berkeley Homes


Berkeley Group


Woodberry Downs Redevelopment, London, N4 2SB

Equipment Provided:    

Alimak Scando II 650 FC 20/39 Passenger Goods Hoist
To be installed to an eventual top landing height of 101m serving 31 floors.

Project Overview:

GB Access is proud to have been selected by the Berkeley Group in order to provide the hoist package for their new luxury development, Woodberry Downs.
Located directly adjacent to Finsbury Park and on the banks of the West Reservoir, GB Access has already been involved in the previous phases of this huge project.
In May 2015 the building and the hoist topped out at 101 metres high serving over 31 floors, offering spectacular views around the surrounding area.

For the current phase – known as Kick Start 3 – tower block 1A – GB Access has installed a Twin 650 FC Passenger Goods Hoist – with each cage 3.9m in length and 2000kg lifting capacity. The hoist has been installed progressively since August 2014 over five visits in line within our client’s build programme.

In order to meet our client's requirements we provided embedment tie sockets ahead of time to be cast in with the reinforced concrete floor slabs. Once the hoist installation commenced, GB Access used these cast in points to tie the hoist to the building. This negated the need for any percussion drilling without compromising our client's building structure.
Each landing level was fitted with GB Access hoist landing infill plates and protection panels to provide safe access between the hoist landing gates and the structure in line with current safety requirements.

Due to the limited foot space on this particular project, and the dependency of this project on the hoist installation for vertical access, much of our work was conducted over weekend periods,  coupled with “just in time deliveries” from GB Access, The client, Berkeley Group, experienced minimal disruption to their normal weekday use during hoist installation operations.

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