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Forth Bridge Refurbishment


Balfour Beatty


Forth Bridge Refurbishment

Equipment Provided:    

3 x Alimak Scando 20/32TD Passenger Goods Hoist
3 x Alimak Scando 20/32TD Passenger hoists supplied to Balfour Beatty, installed, maintained and removed during the extensive renovation programme of this historic landmark.

Project Overview:

Built in 1890, this iconic landmark towers 110m above the Firth of Forth and has become one of the great symbols of engineering of its time.
The Forth Bridge is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In 2002 Balfour Beatty was awarded the extensive maintenance contract in order to repair the corroding steelwork, shot blast and repaint the bridge in its familiar red colour.
Balfour Beatty purchased the hoists as opposed to hiring them due to the duration that they were required for.
Three hoists were required to be installed from river level on each of the three main bridge supports. The hoists had to serve railway track level, then also the top of the bridge support 110m above a live working railway line.
The hoists had to be specially modified internally in order to compensate for the 11 degree incline that the hoists would be installed against.
Several logistical challenges had to be encountered along the way, in particular the use of floating barges to deliver the equipment to the base of the bridge at river level.
GB Access' expertise in working on projects in close proximity to railway infrastructure and the risks associated was of a distinct advantage on this project.
Once all three hoists were installed, GB Access was contacted to provide the maintenance contract for them. These hoists in their current location found themselves subjected to some brutal weather conditions so regular maintenance was paramount to the success of this project.
Over the next 10 years GB Access maintained the three hoists, and was awarded the contract to dismantle and remove two of them prior to completion in 2012.
To date, one hoist remains installed for minor works and access and is still maintained by GB Access Ltd.
And finally the fable of the never ending paint job was no more !
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