New Lorry Investment Aims to Reduce Costs & Carbon Footprint

In order to safely transport larger hoists to your sites, we have invested in a state-of-the-art Scania S500 artic truck with a custom-built Palfinger lorry loading crane and stepframe trailer. Pushing forward the boundaries of truck design and engineering, the new vehicle counts as the biggest lorry in the history of GB Access.

Designed to carry loads up to 16 tonnes, the new artic truck allows safe and efficient transportation of larger hoists such as the latest addition to the our fleet - the new Alimak 650 25/50 XL Passenger and Goods Twin Cage Hoist. Each cage is 2500kg SWL, 2m wide, 5m long and 2.8m high.

The new vehicle was purchased from West Pennine Trucks and comprises a Scania S500 artic unit, Palfinger lorry loading crane and a stepframe trailer manufactured by Montracon. Believed to be one of the most environmentally efficient vehicles in the industry, the Euro 6 engine is designed to reduce environmental impact and fuel consumption.

The vehicle can be used to deliver your hoisting equipment to site, as well as lift it on and off the truck, eradicating the need for a separate mobile crane. The Palfinger crane incorporated on the new lorry rivals mobile cranes in terms of the weight it can lift and the distance it can move. When fully extended at 20 metres, the new artic crane lorry lifts up to 3.1 tonnes in weight.

The vehicle is the first in the GB Access and wider A-Plant fleet with stabiliser legs in front of the cab to aid stability and provide far greater lifting capacity over the cab. It also incorporates Palfinger’s innovative Cab Protection System (CAB) which provides an electronic force field around the cab, preventing the crane accidentally going into that area and damaging the cab.

GB Access Lorry

The stepframe trailer has been built with a unique neck to match the tractor and lorry loader combination and safety features include a 1500XL headboard, 16 PRS of lashing rings to allow almost any load to be secured and edge protection using posts and sockets. It also incorporates LED lighting with side led flashers to make road users aware of the rig turning, rear strobes and a reversing camera.

In charge of the new vehicle is Class 1 Driver Andy De Jager who is based at our Oundle service centre in Peterborough. Andy has been a Driver at GB Access for the past five years and has passed his artic test and obtained his crane licence, making him suitably qualified to drive the new vehicle.

He said: “It’s a highly impressive vehicle which will allow us to transport our larger hoists into even tighter spaces than would be possible with a rigid vehicle. We can offer you an innovative and safe solution to the handling of complex and abnormal loads. It’s great that I’ve been given the opportunity to drive the new vehicle and can step up our offering to another level.”