To enable our standard hoist cages and industrial lifts to be configured for maximum safety and efficiency, GB Access offers a range of accessories that are available for most hoists. 

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Landing Protection Panels

The panels are fitted either side of the landing gate to prevent site staff from touching the hoist cage as it travels past – or stops at – the landing. These are secured to the hoist vertical pipe superstructure and are fitted during the hoist installation.

Landing Infill Plates 

Infill plates are installed to bridge the gap between the hoist superstructure and the site landings. The use of landing infill plates also restricts the gap between the hoist cage floor edge and landing edge to below 50mm as required by BS7212.

Steel Foundation Plates

Designed to avoid the necessity to fix the hoist base assembly down to concrete floors, or where the hoist is placed on a soft surface. GB Access can supply a steel plate to go under the hoist base which is bolted down to the plate. The standard S F P plate size is 4000 x 2500 x 40mm and weighs 3200Kg, which is sufficient to absorb the upwards forces in the event of a hoist striking the bottom buffers.

Landing Bridges

Where the hoist is mounted away from the building or scaffolding landing edge, we can supply and install a landing bridge. This will provide a safe walkway between the hoist cage and landing. The landing bridges are equipped with protection panels at the hoist end and full length handrails and toeboards to minimise the risk of items falling from the bridge.
Landing bridges are the same width as the hoist cage and available in lengths up to 6.0 metres.

Top Hats

These are available to be fitted to the roof of passenger goods hoists over the cage roof trapdoor. This allows the safe transportation of long items within the cage / top hat, without the possibility of the load falling from the hoist cage.

Pipe Carriers

These can be fitted to goods only hoists and enable scaffold poles etc. to be carried safely.

IS Goods Hoist Gates (PDF, 176 KB)


IS Landing bridges (PDF, 140 KB)


IS Landing Infill Plates (PDF, 152 KB)


IS Landing Protection (PDF, 162 KB)


IS Metal Floor & Drop Down Flaps (PDF, 141 KB)


IS Steel Base Plate (PDF, 146 KB)